Top latest Five stop talking to your son on his birthday." Urban news

"Icardi has a problem with her mindset. Sometimes it's too much. "

"Mauru Ikardi does not allow his ex-husband, Maxi Lopez, from Wanda, to notice his children, " Italian newspaper Calcio Mercato said on Sunday (Korean time).

The Icardi-Wanda couple has been banging Inter Milan recently. The wave, which in turn began with Wanda's cubicle, not simply led to Leekardi becoming an outcast among his fellow players, but as well to the deprivation of captain's armband.

"Wanda insisted she would not perform for the team in the potential future unless she returned the captain's armband. He also wanted the club in order to apologize for his husband's trauma.

Many media outlets are looking suspiciously with Icardi and Wanda, who are very likely to actively push for the copy of other teams under the pretext of captaining armband.

With public impression toward the Iqardi-Wanda couple turning to be able to the worst, Lopez, who are engaged, also opened his heavy mouth. Lopez is Wanda's ex-husband. He married Wanda in 2008, but was divorced throughout 2013 for his flirtation.

In the particular process, Wanda seduced Icardi, a group junior who respected and followed the girl husband. After Icardi moved to Inter Milan, Lopez, who remained in Sampdoria, refused to shake hands with him or her.

Lopez revealed that the Iqardi-Wanda few was not allowed to talk in order to their children at all. He stated, "I always tried to spare personally for the children. "I don't believe they'll blame me when they develop up. "

"So I kept the mouth shut in various controversies. Often I react, but always to guard my children. I only answered if they (the Icardi-Wanda couple) attacked myself. "

Lopez said, "I'm not finding the children at the moment. Also talking to them isn't very properly allowed. The last time I found them was in December of final year. You can only meet your pet by asking for special permission. 사설토토 Wandawa speaks only through a lawyer, sighing.

Meanwhile Lopez strongly criticized Icardi. This individual said, "Icardy has a problem along with her attitude. Sometimes it's too very much. I don't get in touch by using him for that reason. He's continually the same. I advised him to be able to understand when he became a daddy, but not at all. "

Icardi is blocking Lopez from seeing the woman children. "It's my son's birthday and so I didn't let him talk about the phone. What kind of connection would you have with someone such as this? "

Lopez also accused Icardi of having Wanda as an real estate agent. He said, "I'm sure Inter Miami is upset with Wanda's way associated with doing things. A good agent could not have made this situation by simply reading the flow well. "

"Wanda also wants to be my adviser. But I refused. I wanted to be able to protect my family, and I wished professional achievements. That is why I actually have separated the two. "

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